How we build our epic MX tracks

The dirt on how we craft our epic motocross tracks

Ever wondered what goes into the epic motocross tracks at Willowbank MX? We're not just talking about some random dirt piles thrown together or a skinny track with a couple of berms! Here at Willowbank MX, we take track building seriously. We use a potent cocktail of heavy machinery, motocross know-how and a whole lot of passion to cook up tracks that cater to every rider – from pee-wee newbies to full-blown adrenaline junkies.


The secret sauce: Consistent grooming

We often get asked, what’s the foundation of a great track? Well, the answer is smooth, predictable dirt! That's why we take pride in grooming our tracks a whopping four days a week. This isn't just about aesthetics (although those freshly-groomed berms do look pretty sweet). Regular grooming irons out any bumps and keeps the dirt loose and grippy. This also helps to minimise dust – giving you a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

Big toys, big fun: The muscle behind the magic

Building incredible jumps, rollers and whoops takes more than just a shovel (although, respect to the classics!). We wield a fleet of heavy hitters like bulldozers and excavators to sculpt the perfect terrain for your riding pleasure. Think of them as giant paintbrushes and the dirt is our canvas. 

In the hands of our experienced track crew, these machines transform into precision tools, shaping the land to create exhilarating challenges for riders of all skill levels.

Here are just a few of the things we take into account when building our tracks

We tailor the terrain to our riders
Because we cater for everyone from beginners seeking a confidence-building course to seasoned veterans hungry for adrenaline-pumping challenges, we try to design tracks that take into account the skill level of the riders who will be visiting our MX park. Our beginner tracks feature smaller jumps, wider corners with ample berms and a shorter overall length. 

For our more experienced riders, we increase the difficulty of the jumps, tighten the corners and extend the track to create a more demanding experience.

We take soil composition very seriously
The type of soil on our tracks plays a crucial role in both construction and maintenance. Clay-heavy soil presents a challenge, as it becomes slick when wet. This is why we improve and modify our soil with sand and other materials to achieve optimal grip and less slip.

Safety first, fun follows

Safety is paramount when it comes to our motocross tracks. Our track design seamlessly integrates safety features. Berms are crucial for maintaining control during tight turns. We know that jumps are a major draw for our riders, but proper construction is essential and we take that very, very seriously.

Our heavy machinery meticulously sculpts jump faces and landings, ensuring smooth takeoffs and safe landings for all skill levels. We also don't forget escape routes! These designated areas are for riders to veer off the main track in case of an emergency which are essential to help prevent collisions.

Our passion for motocross goes beyond fancy equipment and two-stroke petrol. We understand that every rider has a different experience level and a unique riding style. That's why we design our tracks with variety in mind. 

We have pee-wee tracks with mellow bumps for little legs learning the ropes, while our junior and main tracks offer progressively steeper jumps and more technical sections to challenge seasoned riders.


No matter your skill level, there's a track at Willowbank MX waiting to unleash your inner dirt bike demon. So, come on down, crank up the adrenaline, and carve through some of the most meticulously crafted motocross tracks in Brisbane!

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