Willowbank MX - Brisbane's Best Dirt Bike Tracks

Life’s short - Grip it and rip it.

Do you smell that? That’s the glorious fragrance of 2-stroke and freshly turned dirt. On any given day at Willowbank MX, you can expect over six professionally designed dirtbike tracks waiting just for you.

All you need to do is throw the bikes in the back, get yourself over here, and you’ll be tearing up tabletops and dancing on the dragon's back with the best of them.

Great range of dirtbike tracks for riders of all levels

They say that Willowbank is the home of motorsports in Queensland, and we’re not going to argue. We have a 40-hectare parcel of land dedicated to nothing but awesome MX tracks and dirtbike training areas. 

Some of the best in the sport come to our MX tracks to practice or increase their skills and stamina. Now it’s your turn. Take a look at the tracks below to see which one best suits you, and make a booking today.

The Pee-wee Track

Great for the little tackers and beginners who are just learning how to ride, the pee-wee track is designed to introduce your little ones to the wonderful sport of motocross in a safe, controlled environment. 

Flat and grassy with a minimum of obstacles, the pee-wee track enables boys and girls to open the throttle and feel the thrill of 50 cc’s of raw power going 30kms with Mum and Dad cheering them on. Just try to wipe the smiles off their faces.
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Junior Stadium

Once the little ones have gotten the hang of riding and have built their confidence, it’s time for them to upgrade to the Junior Stadium kids motocross track. 

The tabletops are small but mighty, and the berms give them a taste for ruts in the bigger tracks without putting them in harm's way. Our Junior Stadium MX track has got you sorted if you’re looking for a dirt bike track for kids.
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1km Grass Track (flat track)

Great for improving skills and beginner riders, our 1km flat track is the perfect place to start and get warmed up for the day.

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Adult Stadium

Are you ready gentlemen? Our adult stadium dirtbike track has everything you need. Table tops, triples, the odd drop off and lots of braaaaap. 

Whether you’re preparing for a race, want to increase your dirt bike skills or just want a fun day out with mates, Willowbank MX is the perfect dirtbike track to blow off some steam.

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MX Track

Welcome to the big leagues boys. If you want a professional grade motocross track that’s close to Brisbane (only 47 mins from the CBD) that tests your skills and is changed regularly so you’re hardly ever taking on the same track twice, no matter how often you visit, our centrepiece MX track is for you. 

We regularly change it up with a little bit of everything to keep you on your toes, keeping your MX skills sharp. Think you’ve got what it takes? Come test what you’ve got and take on the MX track at Willowbank MX today.

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2km Natural Terrain Sand Track

You’re dialled in and everything is working perfectly on your machine. It’s time to take on the next challenge with our 2km natural terrain sand track. 2000 metres of gorgeously soft, pliable ground to cover to test your skills, your technique and your leg muscles. 

If you’ve got a big sandy adventure coming up, this is the perfect place to dial in your bike to get your weight distribution, tyre pressure and momentum requirements sorted in a safe, controlled environment before heading out into the great unknown.

Tracks are groomed 4 days a week

The only days we don't groom the tracks are Monday and Tuesday, making Willowbank MX one of the best quality motocross track facilities to ride at. Our specialist grooming team is at work four days a week making our dirt bike race tracks, well... bloody awesome!



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